Vintage Book Pages as Table Runner

I stole this idea from an amazing picture from Better Homes and Gardens via Pinterest. Old Book Pages as a table runner! Genius. And unlike most of the things I pin, I actually attempted to make this one!

My Inspiration: 

Vintage Book Page Table Runner- Better Homes and Gardens

What you’ll need:

– vintage or old books. I got mine from Goodwill. I use them as decoration.

-exacto-knife or a utility knife

-invisible tape

-paper punch. The one I used is Martha Stewart


Step 1:

Cut the pages from the book using an exacto or utility knife.  Choose pages that have interesting text and a nice arrangement. You don’t want to use a story with a werid title or very little text on the page. You may want to spread out the cuts, so you don’t have a huge chunk of paper missing.Then, make the cut as close to the center of the book as you can. You’ll need to apply some pressure to the knife as you cut. You may also want to use a ruler to guide your knife, so that it is straight. My plan was to cut with the knife then use a paper cutter to get a straight line. But, because of the old paper (or a dull blade) the paper ripped, so I just used the cuts I had.

How many pages do you need to cut? 

It depends on the size of your table. I used 6 long and 2 wide for my little end table. However, if you have a very long or wide table you may need a lot more. And as usual with my DIY projects, I ruined or messed up on about 3-4 pages. So plan accordingly!

Step 2:

Tape the pages together. Put the tape on the side you DON’T want to show, so the nice side is facing down. I started by making the “width”, so I taped two pages together making pairs. I slightly overlapped the pages as to avoid noticeable gaps. However, be careful that all pages have a similar amount of overlap or the edges won’t match up when you chain them together.

Step 3/4:

This is where you make a choice: 1. you tape all the pairs together and make the table runner and then punch the edges.  OR 2. you punch the edges and then tape them all together.

The problem with the first choice is you might mess up on the punches and you’ll be forced to pull apart your pages, risking ripped paper. The problem with #2 is that if you punch them all separately the punches might not line up when you attach them.

I did number one. Of course, I messed up, but luckily the tape didn’t rip the paper so I was able to detach the messed up pages and replace them.

When I attached all the pairs together I arranged the pages in different directions. I thought it was more interesting to have the pages all mismatched. Again, make sure the tape is on the same side!

Using a paper punch is TRICKY! If you haven’t used one you might want to practice on another sheet of paper. The problem is lining up the paper so that the punch is straight and so that the punches are spaced correctly.

See below: I always take my time and carefully line up the previous holes to the template on the bottom of the punch. On this punch, the metallic template shows you where to line up your previous cuts. However, if you pull it out too much you might mess up spacing. I usually error on the side of caution and only move the paper a small amount, probably re-cutting the same holes, but that’s better than missing a spot.

Step 5: You might need to bend the pages down a bit on the edges so it falls off the table alright. OR you can just make it so that there’s a page break and it will fall perfectly.

And there you have it!!


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