How To: Make your Own Fork, Knife, Spoon Menu Cards

You’ll need:

-background paper- I used 8.5X11 black cardstock purchased from my local craft store. You can do any color of course!

How much will you need? I made 3 menu cards from 1 page.

-corner punch- you can find cheap ones on Amazon (they have tons of crafting supplies for relatively cheap!) or at a craft store like Michael’s.

-Fork, Knife, Spoon Stamp & ink pad- I got mine at Paper Source. But I’ve seen them other places.

-Card stock or printer paper for the text- I ordered this 8.5 X 11 in. metallic champagne paper from Paper and More.  Again 1 paper= 3 menu cards


-scrapbook adhesive/paper cutter

How To:

1. Black Background: For the black background cardstock I used my paper cutter to cut it into 3 parts. You need to turn the paper so it’s “landscape” (aka the 11inch side), so that each paper will make three 3.6in menu cards.

2. The Text: I  typed up the Menu on my computer. I was able to format the document to “landscape” so I could fit 3 menus across. On Word I selected “3 Columns” so the text would be spaced properly.I used different fonts for the food and for the titles like “Starter”, “Dinner”, “Dessert”, etc. I also had to do a few trial and errors to see how much room to leave for the stamp.

Of course if you do three on a page they will need to be cut down, because if not it’ll be the same size as the border. So I also formatted it a 1/4 inch to one side so when I was cutting I just cut 1/4inch more. You also need to account for this on the top (and you need to account for the stamp!). Just print one @ a time and play around before you print them all! Once you have it correct, print them, and cut them out.

3. Stamping: Finally, use black ink to stamp the fork,knife,spoon stamp on the champagne paper. (other colored ink would be awesome too!). Remember when stamping:

** Always clean the stamp before and after you use it. If the ink is not adhering correctly, I’ve heard of a little tip to use a regular pencil eraser on the stamp. I guess rubbing the eraser on it helps clean and prep the surface for ink.

** Before you start make sure the stamp is completely covered in ink.

** When pressing the stamp down, do not “roll it”. Simply press it straight down and press firmly.

** If you need it, use a “guide” like a book or some other object that you can make sure is straight to help anchor your stamp. Once the guide is in place it can ensure your stamp is in the right spot on the paper and straight. Just practice a few times to make sure it’s where you need it. I always have a ton of “practice” papers at the end!

**Make sure the ink is dry before doing the next steps or before stacking them onto each other!

4. Corner Punch: Then you punch all four corners with your corner punch design. Do it over the trash because little pieces fly!

5. Attach it!!: I used scrapbooking tape to glue the champagne paper with the text onto the border. I didn’t agonize over each corner. I simply put one strip of adhesive down the back.

It is somewhat time consuming, but once you are done formatting the document if you get 1-2 people to help out you can pound it out in a few hours. And there you have it!


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