This is the story of two sisters.  Born and raised on a Christmas Tree Farm in Central PA. Ours was a simple country life filled with pet ducks Michael Krypto Johnson and Tootlefit, camping in the back yard, and seasonal mullet hair cuts from our mom. We stole each others clothes, scratched out faces from each others pictures, made up words, told on each other and had fights that ending in someone being bitten.  We could go on and on but some things, between sisters, are just understood.

We don’t remember the moment we became best friends but our childhood selves would never have believed we could become so close. We’ve become the sisters that don’t need words for we have perfected our own language of looks and laughs that are weaved throughout memories and stories shared through the years. There is no better friend than a sister, and there is no better sister than you.

Oh and we have a brother. He read the newspaper by age 4 and recited baseball stats by age 6. Needless to say he’s been making us look bad since 1980.


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