How To: Make Cute Signage and Organize

The hubs and I wanted a simple way to help organize our ever growing piles of mail, bills, paystubs etc. Previously we just sorta stacked it everywhere, hoped we paid the bills on time, and eventually when I couldn’t take it anymore filed the hell outta the mess. So I decided it had to change. Well that and I got a cricut for Xmas and need more excuses to use it. …


Behold My Cute Signage: 

How To: 

Bought the grey trays @ Target. I think $5 each. Then I used my Cricut, Accent Essentials cartridge , to cut out the sign in two different colors (FYI: This cute shape is accent 48).They are about 1/4 inch different in size. You might be able to find similar dye-cuts at your local craft store. I also used the Cricut for the letters (cartridge: Plantin SchoolBook). Again, just use sticker letters if you don’t have a Cricut!

Gluing Tip: Sometimes when I cut small letters or detailed graphics from my Cricut, I struggle to glue them down with regular scrapbooking tape. I found this glue pen where I can dap on small dots of glue without a mess.

I bought a pack of clothespins for 97 cents. Painted them white using a foam brush and regular craft paint. It was tricky to paint them; I tried clipping them to something and painting, but still had to wait for one side to dry before doing the others.

Then, I glue-gunned the sign to the clothespin and pinned it on! Just make sure you glue the sign to the top of the pin!

These cute little signs could be used for ANYTHING.

Some ideas come to mind:

* labeling food at a party

*cute signage for weddings with the wedding date or couple’s initials

*baby showers or other parties

*on top of jars or bins, labeling the contents

*organizing crafts, closets, pantries, garages