Spray Paint Goes A Long Way!


So I bought this circle mirror from T.J. Maxx, $24.99. I had been looking for a detailed (expensive looking) mirror to go above my dresser. However, as our bedspread, curtains and walls have a warm tone I wanted a brown or gold frame.  I decided this was perfect, aside from the color. So I went to my hand-dandy spray paint solution!


Here’s what you need…

*a mirror, TJ Maxx and Ross have great mirrors for very good prices.

*spray paint, I used a champagne color by Krylon

*painter’s tape

*tissue paper/paper to cover the mirror for when you paint it

*windex and maybe fingernail polish remover

Heres’ what you do…

1. Clean the mirror. I simply used a damp paper towel and wiped down the mirror. Make sure it’s dry before you start spraying or wipe it down with a dry cloth to make sure.

2. Tape the mirror. I used blue painter’s tape because it comes off easily. This part is a little time consuming. Basically, I ripped small 1-2 inch pieces of tape and carefully applied it onto the mirror right up against the wood. Because the mirror is curved you have to use small pieces of tape. Make sure you’re not covering any of the wood or when you take the tape off you’ll have missed big spots.

3. I used a large rectangular piece of tissue paper (that T.J. Maxx wrapped the mirror with). I folded it into quarters. Then I cut it into a circle by rounding the edges. I continued to trim it down so that it fit into the mirror.

4. Once you have a “circle” of paper you need to tape it down over the existing blue tape. Be sure not to leave gaps or the spray paint will find it’s way onto the mirror beneath.

5. Spray paint! Make sure it’s not too windy and that you’re outside. Hold the spray can about 6 inches away from the mirror. If you hold it too close it starts to drip and you don’t get smooth, even coverage. It dries very fast, so after one coat, come back in 10 minutes, inspect it, and touch up areas that need it.

6. Wait. I let mine dry about an hour in the sun before I took the tape off. I noticed when I was taking it off that some of the spray paint got under my paper and faint sprays were on the mirror. I used fingernail polish remover on a paper towel and it came right up! I am sure paint thinner would would work too. Some of the blue paint was sticking in the crease; I used a butter knife to get it out.

And there you have it… A re-vamped mirror for less than $30!