How To: Planting Succulents for Center Piece

So I’ve had this weird obsession for these cactus-like plants. Perhaps what I love most is that they’re easy to care for, because let’s face it a lot of plants around my house die. So I ordered these little guys from an Etsy seller, got the pots from the dollar store and went to it…

What you’ll need:

* succulents- again, I ordered mine from Etsy– I think I ordered 6 but I already had a succulent plant around the house that I clipped leaves from to pot into this project. But you can get these plants in a normal nursery too. Some succulents love the sun, others need more shade, so consider where you will put the pots in your home.

*succulent/cactus soil . You CAN’T use regular soil, it doesn’t allow the conditions these plants need. Avoid clay soils!

*large/medium stones,pebbles. I got my black pebbles @ TJMaxx

*pots- Dollar store baby! I did 3 small so I could use them on my coffee table, but one large pot would be cute too.

What you do:

1. Put pebbles or coarse stones @ the bottom of your pot. (You can even use gravel because no one will see it). These plants need to be able to drain water. I put about 1-2 inches of stones in the bottom of my blue pots.

2. Scoop some of the cactus soil and loosely layer into pot. Leave some room because the pots the succulents come in have some soil that you can mix in too. I know some people also use some sand in their mixture.

3. Pull succulents out of pots, mix in loose soil and loosen the roots by breaking them up a little.

4. Make a small hole and put succulent roots into the soil. Pat down the soil around the plant. Fill the pot with soil if you need more.

5. After they are all planted use the remainder of the black pebbles to cover the soil and give it a more modern look.