Before and After: Kitchen Cart Updated!

I bought this kitchen cart @ Ikea for $100. It’s narrow design was perfect for our kitchen. However, we ended up keeping it in the living room/entry way. The light unfinished look of the cart was driving me crazy… so I decided a little paint and stain might help…



Using a semi-gloss white paint I used a foam brush (those little black foam ones you can get for like 50 cents) It was a slow process; I did about 5 coats! I find that if I use minimal paint on the brush I have less drips and unevenness. Although it takes longer it’s nice to have even paint. Since the coats are so thin, it only takes an hour before it’s dry. So by the time I did one side and moved onto the other 3 my first area was already dry and I’d do another coat. Below you can see how thinly each coat was applied.
I also stained the top and drawers with a light wood stain (using a paint brush, or even a foam brush). I only used two coats of stain.

And there you have it…